The holidays are full of fun and wacky movies that the entire family can watch and love. There are some traditional movies that must not be missed during this season. If you do not own these movies, you can find them on many of the local and cable television stations or you can stream them live to your television through many of the subscription movie services.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Probably one of the most popular of all the Christmas movies, this offering shows that everyone is different and should be loved for who they are. While this is the prevalent theme, there is also plenty of music, singing, and dancing as well as great comedic bits. The action lovers are not disappointed either as Rudolph and his friend’s fights with the abominable snowman to save his family.

Scrooge There are many versions of this tale of greed and finally generosity. This Dickens classic has had many incarnations and there are some great cartoon versions for the little ones to enjoy. For older children, one of the more modern movies may be more appropriate.

It’s a Wonderful Life This is a timeless tale and a movie that has stood through all of the changes in culture and technology. It is a simple tale of a man learning that he has more to live for than he thought and can show how the human spirit can survive.

Santa Clause is Coming to Town Another of the classic Christmas cartoons, this one is the story of how Santa came to be. Children and adults of all ages simply love this story and it is bound to continue to be a hit each and every Christmas for years to come.

Charlie Brown Christmas Any adult can remember watching this movie and falling in love with the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. In fact, there have probably been times when you felt like your tree had that Charlie Brown spirit. Again, a timeless story about the real reason we celebrate this holiday told in a way that children can understand.

These movies are a great tradition and should not be missed this holiday season. Many offer great themes and exciting storylines that keep children interested. Mom and dad can get into the holiday spirit when the load up one of these movies and watch with their children.